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I want to learn how to play the guitar by myself?

Does anyone have any tips to help me learn to play the acoustic guitar without a teacher? Resources, tips, ways to remember chords. Thank you!! :)

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  • keerok
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    4 months ago

    Way back when, there was Jingle magazine. It was a songbook that featured current top hit songs complete with lyrics and chords. The centerfold was a graphical compilation of the most common chords so you'll know how to play the songs.

    Today, there is Youtube.

  • GA41
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    4 months ago

    I would suggest subscribing to for $19/month.  A personal guitar lesson costs about $50.00 per hour.  With, you get an unlimited amount of access to professional guitar lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced guitarists. It would be well worth the investment.

    Otherwise, there are plenty of free youtube videos which provide instruction to a beginning guitarist. is free and you can access songs and chords for the songs for a variety of artists.  The songs often have a chord chart to show you how to make the chords.

    The internet has a guitar tuner website, where you can accurately tune your guitar off of.

    I highly suggest following your dream of playing the guitar.  It has given me thousands of hours of productive leisure time.  Many of my friends were developed through playng the guitar.

  • 4 months ago

    There of plenty of publications available to help you to self teach guitar but I assume you did not have the intelligence to know this.

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