why other people got so much more help than me?

world; saves 100 people every day; me; crud on everyday, me - lost memories normal person who came retarded [i have not been able to focus on even 1 thing in 3 years], nearly died just to die of a worser problem again, attacked and bullied by others who were meant to be helping, have the plague and every other disease, will burn alive, meanwhile; news 'omg little kid broke his finger take him to hospital' - me [from my cemetery [cause this is i feel where i am or will be]; 100 doctors said mean things at me and did not help me when i was dying - true story [i legit went to at least 30 doctors, including nurses should be around at least 100]

also I'm old now [over 20] and despite not feeling like it the way people treats us 'adults' is fully disgusting 

and tbh i do not really get jealous at the little kid getting help just bad example am actual happy for him

but why just cause im machine-like people do not help me. in my heart u know i am a person too

i never understood the cruelty of this world and never will

someone plz just say something nice or give me a decent remark 

i really have not been able to help myself since i was born

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