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Is is true coronavirus has mutated into so many different strains we can't even make a vaccine for it?

The know it all at work keeps telling me this and I don't want to disagree because I work with them a lot.

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    1 month ago

    I do not believe that's a known fact, but research on the virus is still ongoing. The problem with making a vaccine is not "mutation," but that Covid-19 is so damned tough, resistant & difficult to kill. Even people who've recovered from it can catch Covid again, bcos the antibodies don't last more than a few weeks. This has been the persistent problem in developing a vaccine for SARS & MERS too. Researchers have been trying to produce a vaccine for those 2 coronaviruses for more than 10 years without success. The link below should give you a better understanding of vaccine development.

  • 1 month ago

    What they think doesn't impact the real world. There's no reliable medical source that states that. What they say should have no effect on you and no need to agree or disagree because all of the guys at work and you don't know what's actually happening. 

    Just keep on wearing a mask and social distance until a vaccine comes out and even then you might still have to be wearing masks and social distance depending on the efficacy of the vaccine. 

    That's the real world.

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