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My new rat is sneezing and has runny poop?

So, a few days ago I got a new rat for my other one named S’mores. S’mores isn’t really like other rats, she’s mainly chill and calm. However, I noticed that her poop is pretty soft / runny, and she is sneezing. 

She sleeps in her food bowl, and I don’t see her get up often. Since I just got her a few days ago, I was told to hold her a week after I got her (so she adjusts). If this is wrong, please tell me.

Her cage is pretty small, a wire one, however it’s temporary for now.

Her food is “Oxbox” for young rats, and her bedding is shredded paper.

Please tell me if I’m doing something wrong, I’m still new to rats and I would like to know ^


She’s doing better now! We moved her to a new cage, However, it’s a aquarium :(. I’m really sorry, but soon when she gets along with my other rat she can go in the way bigger wire cage. When we moved her to the new one, she was way happier, and drunk lots of water (she almost was dehydrated because she hated her old cage so much she refused to drink)

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  • 1 month ago

    Bring her to the vet if she's still sick

  • Fred S
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    1 month ago

    A sick rat is dangerous.Get rid of it.Rats are great carriers of Deseases .Bubonic plague is one of them.Handle very little and always wash your hands after handling.

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