Best major(s) to get into school libraries and/or museums and/or zoos and/or learning centers and/or state/national parks.?

I know that was a long read, but what I mean is, what is a good major (or two) that can lead me into a career in information/learning/academics/education? At this point I'm leaning into Social Studies Education with a minor in something else (perhaps Biology or English). It's also important to note that I've become hesitant on classroom instruction.

Would love to hear from everyone about their choices!

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    What county are you in?  In the U.S.:

    1. To be a librarian you need a Masters in Library Science.  You can major in just about anything you want as an undergrad. To work as a library tech, you don't need any degree above high school.

    2. To work in a zoo with animals, you'd need a degree in zoology.  If you want to work on events or people, you might need a degree in communication or business.

    3. If you want to work in a museum, you'd probably need a degree in art history or natural science (for a natural science museum) or maybe archeology or art restoration.To give tours, you can be a docent (a volunteer) and other jobs don't require much if any degree.

    3. To get a job in a nation park, you'd probably need a degree in forestry.

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    If you are not familiar with her already, I would recommend you read about the rather unusual career of a young woman named Emily Graslie.  Starting out as an art student in college, a strange series of twists and turns resulted in a special position being created for her at a major natural history museum.  Her story may give you some ideas.

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