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BREAKING NEWS!!?? (All day!!!) ..Ruth Baden Ginsburg (respected Jewish elite) ...died today!! over and over. All day news about her? why?


I even tried to switch over to INTERNATIONAL news..Al Jazeera...but , nope all day..Ruth Ginsburg Died today! all about her, why?

is she another "John Lewis" news story? ( I never heard of him either until he died, why?)

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    She was an avowed activist judge that unabashedly decided cases on political rather than legal grounds. Her death means an automatic shift to the right in federal and constitutional questions in the United States, with concerns that she will be replaced by a conservative activist judge, which would be just as bad. 

    All in all, expect a drastic slow down in the progressive movement in the United States and possibly more of a shift towards allowing more of the policies that were characteristic of the US before the shift towards progressivism. It’s on international news because that was a time the US would bomb you if you looked at it funny. I’m not saying that is what will happen (Trump didn’t start any new wars) but some of the hawks in the political elite might see it as an open invite. 

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    She sided with Westboro so I have no idea if I should feel bad for her. That's all I have to say.

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