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Is there a chance for to rejoin the military?

Back in 2005 I was enlisted in the Navy. I completed my basic training and then was sent off to A school in Pensacola. I was waiting to be classed up for months within that specific time and I was experiencing a lot of harassment and somewhat bullying for being gay that it made me worried about people finding out about my lifestyle because of the don’t ask don’t tell policy. I am a gay man. I was very uncomfortable not being able to be who I was, that I had trouble focusing and ended up seeing psychologist to be able to ease my anxiety. Long story short I never told my psychologist that I was gay, but that I couldn’t cope with the military life and I was thinking about deserting (when in actuality it was because I was gay and I didn’t feel accepted) I eventually got discharged - uncharacterized - they gave me an RE4 with a JFX separation code. I don’t have a mental issue lol, but I was curious to know that if I can prove my lifestyle to the VA board would I be able to get my RE code upgraded due to the fact that I left because of the don’t ask don’t tell policy and I found another way out by lying and also keeping my lifestyle private as they had wanted?

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    Hi, I actually work in prior service recruiting. 

    There is a way you can change your RE code, my husband just did from RE-4 to RE-1 due to an error from his last ship, and it was fairly easy. But be forewarned- you will have to show proof of what you're saying, and it takes 6mos-18 mos.

    As far as reenlisting with an RE-3, not sure where mrsjvb got her info from but that's not true at all- I put someone in with an RE-3 waiver about a month and a half ago. It also depends on what RE-3 you'd have. Most are eligible, some even without a waiver, but the only not that's a definite no is RE-3A.

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    I doubt if the VA has ANY authority to change a RE code. That's a REENLISTMENT code and within the scope of the military services, not a civilian agency.

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    No it will not be upgraded as it was correct at the time of discharge.  

    Besides even under DADT your chances of getting an RE 1 was about zilch.  It would have been an RE3 and the Navy is not currently offering waivers to RE3 codes of any sort.

    And 15 years later...you are too old regardless

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    Not sure where DruZod went to school because 18 plus 15 equals 33 not 43. You can ask for a review of the discharge but JFX means personality disorder. So it wasn’t noted that it was because of DADT policy and most likely won’t get anywhere. But you can try and see where it goes. Just be prepared just let it go. 

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    they do not ever upgrade re codes, there is no process to even try and get re codes upgraded

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    Sounds like you are pretty wimpy and might consider another occupation.

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    Accept the fact that you gave up your last chance. Send me to sea on a DDG.

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    If you originally joined 15 years ago that would make you at least 43 

    That is too old to enlist 

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