My parents are mad due to my ACT score, but what do I do?

They want me to make a 30+ on the ACT, but I always make in the 25-28 range, never in the thirties. I'm a senior and I'm applying to college by November 30th, so there's no way my score will improve that much by then even if I take it every month until November. I'm going to a state college so it doesn't really matter.

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  • 1 month ago

    Just do your best and be proud

  • 1 month ago

    Your parents are simply going to have to accept the fact that you are not as brilliant as student as they hoped for.

  • 1 month ago

    Do. you have an actual question?  Many parents hope their children will have exceptional scores of the ACT/SAT.  Many are disappointed.  Your parents just have to accept this at some point.  Being mad isn't going to fix anything.  

    Like many other students, if you retake the test, you discover that you'll do better in one subject area and worse in another.  Your overall and superstore aren't going to change significantly.

    As long as your score and GPA are comfortably above the minimum for admission to your chosen universities, you'll have a good change of being admitted.  You may lose out on a scholarship, but you'll be fine.  

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    1 month ago

    Your score got you into the college of your choice. There are few schools that offer scholarships due to your ACT score. 

    So, as you say, a score of 30+ isn’t going to mic for you. Sorry but if mama and dad want you to be score 30+ they should of been helping you way back in middle school. They could out you in a private prep HS. Only 5% of student score above a 30. 

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  • 1 month ago

    tell your parents of your plans for the future.  why this college?  what do you wish to learn there?

  • 1 month ago

    1. They have nothing to be angry at you about. No one goes into the ACT and deliberately gives the wrong answers. It's their genes, and the education they provided, that determines your scores. Unless they paid for a prep class and you deliberately blew it off, your scores are what they are. 

    2. Nearly all colleges are not requiring ACT or SAT scores this year, due to Covid. If your grades are excellent, to the extent that your 28 ACT score would be damaging to your application, just don't send in any ACT score. 

    3. Some people who don't do well on the ACT do better on the SAT. You still have a day or two left for a late registration (deadline 9/22 online or by phone) for the October 3 SAT, and you'll get your scores in plenty of time for a November 30 deadline. Even if you take the November 7 SAT, your scores should be sent to your universities by November 30 (cutting it close, but November 30 is their own deadline), and that would give you time for a prep class. 

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