How to remove oil from a driveway.   My garage managed not to tighten the sump plug enough and fresh oil has now leaked onto my drive?

leaving a patch there.  How can I best remove it?


Thanks Anon - I need to remove it so I can make sure the leak has been stopped. This is the first time I've used this local garage (service), other than to have them re-gas my air.con some months back.  They were £70 cheaper than the dealership I normally use!  You get what you pay for!  I'd got as far as thinking cement but kitty litter is more accessible tho  I may on reflection, get away with bio washing powder. Ironically we've just had the roof done and there's been tile dust everywhere!!

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    1 month ago
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    Spread the cheapest, pure kaolin clay kitty litter you can get your hands on over the oil and leave it at least 20 minutes, longer is better, before sweeping up and discarding.  (I'm afraid you'll probably have to send it to landfill in a bin bag unless your council makes it easy to dispose of such stuff.)  The kitty litter is exactly the same stuff as in garage spill kits.  You might need another go if it still looks very moist.  Once you're satisfied that you've got most of it up give it a scrub with a generous amount of cheap and cheerful biological washing powder and rise with a few buckets of hottish water.  In theory cold is fine but I've found warm is better.  A power washer is handy for getting rid of the last buts and removing any tidelines that may have formed.

    I know like it sounds like a lot but most of the time is spent procuring kitty litter (asda's is good for this purpose) and waiting for the clay to do it's job.

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