why won't the government do something about britains immigration problem?

at this point, no one can deny immigration is out of control in britain....with reports of hundreds of thousands coming here regularly to stay permanently.....that is astonishing to me......and is a serious outrage as well.

why won't the government do something to stop the immigration problem and in the process deport the millions back who should not be here?


Politically correct- thank you so much for your constructive points of view.

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    Legal or illegal immigration, there is a big difference.The UK is doing what it can to prevent illegal immigration.  Employers and landlords are fined for hiring illegals.  There are some countries that go further; requiring everyone to carry biometric ID at all times and locking up those who cannot show it.  We did that in WW2 but in peace time the general public does not want this constraint on their freedom and privacy.

    Those in the country today are mostly legal immigrants either from other EU countries (as you are) or on family unification visas. 

    The ones you read about who are smuggled in claim asylum as soon as they are caught.   Most are refused after a process that takes about 2 years.  They, and the legal immigrants who have committed crimes get scheduled for deportation but there are armies of lawyers ready to protect them at taxpayer's expense.  We have a proud and honorable history of justice under Common Law.  Are you suggesting that we become like China where  individuals have no protection because there is no rule of law?

    Besides, immigrants are needed because we are not having enough children to support us when we retire or are disabled.  Who will pay your benefits when 75% of the country has either retired or is too lazy to work?

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    This sort of ignorant xenophobic jingoism is dangerous. There are people out there who might actually listen to you.

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    1 month ago

    What problem's that?

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    Write your MPs and demand they halt illegal immigration, speed deportations. If you're a citizen, VOTE for MPs & officials who will actually protect the UK.

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    1 month ago

    Be thankful that you live in a country that people want to immigrate to, that means that there's something good about it. Turing it into some sort of ethno-Nazi state will discourage immigrants, but also the locals won't want to live here

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