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Would stunt doubling for an actor on a tv show hurt my chances of getting an acting role on the show?

I know someone people have said around the industry that stunt people can't act, however I can! However my stunt credits are starting to pile on my IMDB and I have more stunt credits than acting credits now. Would a casting director hold that against me like "he's a stunt-man, he's not an actor". 

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  • Cogito
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    1 month ago

    You could always omit some - or most - of your stunt credits from your VCV/resume when applying for acting work.  

    But if you're talking about one specific show, if you're already known to them as a stunt-man, they're unlikely to consider you as an actor.

    If you have several years of top-level training and loads of stage and on-camera experience on your CV/resume (as well as a really good agent, of course) this can be dealt with.

    Talk to your agent about this.

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