Does anyone know of this skit of a clown father and son?

Almost 20 years ago I saw a skit of a clown father and son. The son went to school in clown makeup and dress. The principal or teacher called a conference with the father about the son clowning around in school. The dad got offended saying "clowning around?". Principal/teacher: It's not like that.

Father: Oh I get it. Teach: You do? Father: I perfectly understand what this is about.

He makes it look like he calmly understood then it cuts to them sitting on the steps of the school or a porch with the kid looking disappointed. The dad starts cussing using the f word and saying clowning around!? Something like I can't believe this I work hard and I have to put up with this S. The dad looks upset and sad at the situation and not the son. The feeling is of institutional discrimination/racism.

I thought this skit was really funny and it looked a little like the video quality of kids in the hall but I am pretty sure it is not kids in the hall unless I am mistaken. It could was on HBO/Showtime because I had it for a little while. But I did see a lot of comedy central before. It feels like it would have fit perfectly in IFC but I don't think that channel existed at the time. It has this Portlandia feel but it felt more raw and real at the same time with the guy using these cuss words and it fitted in so perfectly. If anyone knows about this I would really appreciate it. Also the dad was in clown make up and dress.

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