Is Luke Shaw really good enough to continue and why are the following still playing at United ?

1. Lindeloff

2. Pogba

3. De Gea

Maguire's head went down the moment the first goal went in,  thats no way for a leader or captain body language all wrong.

was this even the best XI Ole could have selected for our opening game of this season ??


@ Harry,  I think if we sign Jadon Sancho that will help the morale and also improve our quality going forward.

Did you watch the game today ? Rashford, Martial, Pogba were hopeless.   Bruno Fernandes simply didn't show up for this one which I found strange.

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  • 1 month ago

    should have started Donny Van De Beek.

    theres no point painting over the cracks,  it may have been your first game but if thats all you are bringing then the next 37 games may be just as tough if not tougher lol

    Spurs, Arsenal, Everton, Palace...lot of teams this year will want to finish top 4.  not just yourselves.

    and this is the 8th year (and counting) since you last won the league of this land.

    Just thought I'd share that with you.   See how fast time flys?

    in another 2 years it'll be a decade.  And to think of the smug arrogant mufc fans who use to remark 'we are too big to go more than 3 years without challenging for the title' where are they now ?

    and yes,  Harry,  its really really pathetic what they've done to Yahoo! Q&A

    the fact we cant respond to peoples answers.

  • 1 month ago

    If nothing else, he can't stay fit, kind of like in his first season, could barely play four games in a row without picking up an injury.

    I think it's time to say bye to him, along with Bailly, who's also injury prone, Rojo and Jones.

    There's so many areas of our team that need improving TBH and thinking about it, I wouldn't mind seeing any of the players you mentioned, leaving.

    Honestly, I didn't agree with James starting either, he's definitely not good enough, no real top level experience I think, just the Championship with Swansea.

    A striker and centre back are needed IMO, even more than a RW, but I'm a bit torn over which is the bigger priority, because on one hand, if we bring in a CF, will we attack as effectively, without worrying about our defence letting us down or if we bring in a CB, will we even finish consistently, because none of our attacking players are good enough finishers consistently to be a regular starter as a CF.


    FFs, why can't we reply to answers anymore ? Yeah, but I missed a lot of the first half, due to lag, so it's hard to say much about that, but we were always going to be on the backfoot, going behind early and getting hit on the counter. Yeah, I agree about the morale boost, the Fernandes signing provided and surely Sancho can too, but a striker is much needed too, but I'd take Sancho over nothing, because if nothing else, morale and we all know how important that is.

    When's the last time Fernandez scored a goal that wasn't a penalty, lol.

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