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Why is my 12yr old cat suddenly emptying his water bowl with his paw?

At 20lbs, Chase is an agressive, but loving cat that doesn't take NO for an answer. Most of the time, Chase drinks water from a bowl using his paw. But in recent weeks, he sometimes submerges his paw in the bowl and scoops out the water until the bowl is empty. We have 3 cats, one of which Chase bonded with at 4wks old. This cat (Dusty), is now 19-yrs old and may not be with us much longer. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but I thought I'd mention it. We have 6 bowls of water throughout our home, which all 3 cats drink from. The water is changed, and bowls cleaned 1-2 daily. Chase has no change in appetite or other behaivors. That said, we do have another situation as of late--one or all cats have been peeing outside all 3 litter boexes. We have seen all cats pee inside the litterbox and have yet to see any one of the cats pee outside the litterbox.     

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Cats have very few sweat glands and they are located in their paws. Dipping their paws in the water cools them. When the weather is cool and if they walk on the ground when it is wet, it chills them. That is why they would shake their paws to get rid of the water as they walk in those situations. Looks like your cat is kind of chubby, and his weight of 20lb. is a sign of obesity. Fat cats have lots of fat and fat insulates their body, overheating them. Therefore hot weather is probably why your cat is behaving the way heis. He is overheating and he tries to cool off by dipping his paws in water. 

  • Vela
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    1 month ago

    he may be bored, wants to play

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