How can I live with wanting a girl I could never have?

There’s a girl on YouTube who I leave comments on her videos, she often loves my comments, I just say casual things nothing too forward or personal.......I’ve been subscribed to her a year now, and I’m starting to fancy her....

But the realisation is I can never have her? As for a start she lives so far away, I am from the uk..... she is all the way in Canada I’m a man in my forties who lives alone in a flat and I struggle with loneliness and mental health problems, I have never so far achieved any relationships as I’ve had a lot of problems to contend with..... my only support system is my elderly mother and father who live far away...

So as you can see already, me and this girl are worlds apart.... but I still have dreams and hopes of finding a girl like her...

How can I live with the CRUSHING realisation I’ll never have this girl from Canada or a girl like her?


Anonymous— you insensitive bastard.

Update 2:

@Anonymous --- easy to type all that from behind a computer screen isn't it?

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  • 1 month ago
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    I'm not really sure. A lot of Youtubers? I'm guessing, don't date just strangers. It's hard but I'm not sure what else you can do.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You have two choices.  Come to terms with it - or don't.

    I'd stop contacting her, stop watching her videos, end all contacts.

    YOU can control YOUR thoughts.

    Well, I see why you are alone - you think "you insensitive bast*rd" is an appropriate response when YOU'RE the loser posting this question?

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    We don't know how you can live with it. Perhaps you can't. If you can however, it will be through your own inner resources, scant as those appear to be.

    You think I'm insensitive? You've been coming here for years, endlessly complaining about your miserable life and circumstances and asking pointless, unanswerable questions like 'How do I live with this'; or 'How can I deal with the disappointment' on and on ad nauseum, and when anyone gives you practical advice you summarily dismiss it as impossible for you because of all the mental health issues, financial issues, your aged parents, the council flat etc., so really what do you expect at this point? We can't help you with all the myriad things you're suffering from and all your various issues. No one can help you anymore but YOU. And if that seems cruel or insensitive, then so be it.

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