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What does this dream mean?

so i dont remember all of it just the last part, i remember being in the backyard of my cousins house and i saw this small creature that resembles that prehistoric creature wh a half round fin on top, but it was gray and slimy and pooped everywhere and i was kind of afraid. i sae it a few kilometers away. I think it kinda reflects the night before in real life i accidently stepped on a slug with my bare foot whoch also gray and slimy. so who knows.

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    I have to  agree with you.  One ugly happening in your real Life caused the ugly dream the next night.  Yuck!  I hate slugs and snails, etc.  I wonder why they exist.  You have a good imagination.  Are you aware of this?  Read those first four lines again, and see how you were able to capture the imagination of other people reading this.  Ever thought of writing as a career?   

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