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Is it a BAD sign that to two NHL teams in the Stanley cup finals are from the South?

The North and Canada are supposed to be dominating! Gary Bettman has done a bad job as commissioner.


@Curtissports2 what part of America are the players from?

Update 2:

And I'm talking about North of the Mason Dixon line!

Update 3:

I only want to make sure that Northerners who come from North of the Mason Dixon line to dominate Hockey I don't care about other sports.

Except that I would like the South to dominate Baseball.

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    Teams win championships, not cities. Did you take the time to look at the rosters of the two teams?

    Dallas' roster shows 13 Canadians, 7 Americans - 20 from North America - and 11 from scattered European countries.

    The count for Tampa Bay is 14 Canada, 6 US - 20 North America - and 8 Europe.

    That's 40 to 19. If that is not North American dominance, I don't know what is.  If 'dominance' is your criteria for a successful commissioner, then Bettman has done a fantastic job.

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    Where are the players from? You remind me of someone I once knew who thought

    Gretzky was from California, after being told it's where he lives during the season.

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    No, that's not a bad sign. It's good for the health of the league overall.

  • Their geography has nothing to do with their ability to play the game.  Never mind that none of the players on either team are from their respective states.

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    I don't really get the question. I don't see why the north or Canada should be dominating.  Bettman has ruined the NHL in many ways for well over two decades now. That much is certain for most fans of the game.

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    Even the sun shines on a dog's a.s.s. somedays.  Plus recently...Toronto won an NBA title and The Eagles won a Super Bowl, and the Clippers choked so hard their grandkids will feel stranger things have happened.

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