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I don’t know what to tell the insurance company?

So I got in a minor accident, I thought I seen the lady driving at a stop sign and I’m the clear to back up. When I back up I felt a bump and I was like “wtf you must have speed up and hit me” and she claimed she was already parked. The police didn’t ask what happened just asked where the damage was and did a report and said tell the company what happened. The company said I hit her but I told them my side. The cop was rude and being racist towards me (address me as lady but other as ma’am...tossed me my papers..handed back hers...told her have a nice day but demanded me to go back to my car..I filed a complaint) I was so mad and I was already anxious. I was driving my bf car so I gave him the details. Next day when it all came back I realized I did hit her and I must have seen a different car speeding while she was parking hers in my blind spot, should I call the company? If it was my fault I want to say that and have her get her car fixed...but I am worried they may think I lied the first time when I was disoriented and anxious. It’s been less then 24 since I made the first call. I really want her to get her car fixed now that I am calm but don’t want to be suspect of insurance claim fraud.


It gave me limited space and I realize there was a typo. Where it says “The company said I hit her and I told them my side” it’s supposed to say “She told the company and said I hit her and I told them my side” sorry about the confusion! I had to take out some words to make it fit and didn’t realized I took some words out there 

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    If your insurance company is based the defense on an untruth, yes, tell them.

    You probably already are a suspect.  It is YOUR 100% RESPONSIBILITY to make certain it is safe to back up before you back up.  So you saw her long enough to know she was speeding, BUT you backed up anyway?  You can't have it both ways.  You either saw her or you didn't.

    I hear this a dozen times every day, and I have the same response.

    You are aware that you didn't do yourself a favor by reporting the Police Officers, right?  Was that part of your shock, being disoriented and anxious?  Foolish, foolish thing to do.

    Maybe the FACT that the accident didn't happen the way you said it did was part of the way the Officers did or didn't treat you.  And they said, "Hey, lady, what happened?"  Sorry, but I don't believe you.

  • May
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    4 weeks ago

    You wrote:  " I was like “. instead of "I thought"  When I see the "like" word being misused,  (think uneducated valley girl)  I don't answer the question.  Besides you have given way too much information. 

    What is the purpose of beginning a question with "So" ?

    They walk among us    :>(

    & Grammar matters

  • 4 weeks ago

    You tell them that you backed up and felt a bump and realized it was her car.  End of story.  It doesn't matter whether she sped up or she was already parked or she was driving at a constant speed.  If she was able to hit you, by any means, including by speeding up, then you weren't clear to back up.

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    Police don't determine fault, especially not in a parking lot.  The insurance companies do that.  

    Nobody is going to suspect you of insurance fraud, so don't worry.  There isn't enough damage to commit claims fraud with, and none of the money is being paid to you (it's not your vehicle), so fraud is out of the question.  If you were claiming that you had a neck injury that would require 2 months off work and massage therapy for a year, you'd be suspected of fraud.  You didn't do that, you just gave your side of how the accident happened when you were asked.  That's not fraud.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The police do not determine fault, only if any laws were broken. You tell your  BF's insurance company the truth that you were backing up and hit thew other car. They will interview you and the other driver and determine who was at fault. So will her insurance company. Chances are about 99% it was your fault. And you can stow the racism claim bullshite. It will get no traction with anyone and makes no difference to who is at fault.  

  • Fred G
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    1 month ago

    Minor damage claims are nothing to an insurance company.. They don't even waste time trying to prove who is at fault.. They just try to negotiate the lowest payout and move on..

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Just hang tight - the deposition you provided will decide who is at fault and with the "he said/she said" situation the likely outcome will be no fault each person fix their own car. Happens all the time has happened to me where the other person lied flat out........short of pictures or a witness NOTHING you should do about it right or wrong.  Not saying your GOOD intentions are wrong - but what is done is done. 

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