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Is the i7-3770 and geforce gtx 780 Ti compatible with my motherboard?

My motherboard model is a Foxconn 2abf, im wondering if this cpu and gpu will work with it.


my current cpu is an i7-2600

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    I think you have an HP PC and a GTX 780 TI will take a decent power supply.

    That motherboard is not a retail sold and supported one.

    It's too difficult to identify the HP product number to get more motherboard details.

    I think the 2abf is originally 2nd gen Intel and Socket 1155 LGA intel H61 chip.

    i7-3770 is also LGA 1155

    You may need a bios update and also HP may be bios restricted on it.

    Can't say one way or the other by what you show.

    With what you show so far, probably not on the i7-3770 unless bios was updated at HP for it and installed.

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    Good Question.

    In theory the motherboard should work as long as it has a PCI-E x16 slot. You should only have to worry about having enough room in the case and a large enough power supply. Nvidia recommends a 600w power supply for a GTX 780ti.

    This guy got an RX 570 to work with that exact motherboard, so a 780ti should work for you.

    I'd hold off on the CPU

    The i7-3770 isn't a whole lot faster than the i7-2600. The clock speeds are pretty much the same, but you pick up a 5% IPC increase with the 3rd Gen CPU which makes the i7-3770 5% faster overall. Stick with the i7-2600 and put your money somewhere else. You would honestly be better banking that money and letting your savings compound until you can upgrade the motherboard, CPU, and RAM to something modern.

    Unless you can get the 780ti for $80, I don't really recommend the GTX 780ti because it's an older, power hungry card and who knows how much longer it will last. Also, 3gb isn't much for gaming at 1080p anymore. 4gb of VRAM is okay but 6gb is now preferable for 1080p. Another problem with the 780ti is it's now 4 Generations old and driver support for it isn't very good. The 3gb GTX 1060 and 4gb GTX 970 have comparable performance to the GTX 780ti but these cards consume less power. The 8gb RX 580 and 6gb GTX 1060 are faster.

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    Search Internet for the Specs page of that motherboard to see if the chip is supported.

    shows an LGA 1155 socket for up to the i7-2700 series, but maybe not yours.  No mention of the BIOS on it.

    Any video card might fit into the PCIe 2.0 card slot on the board. More important is the space to fit it in the box, and the power supply capacity to run it. on using a video card with that board.

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    i would take it to a computer store and ask them to help you with it

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