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How to protect a boat during the winter in Canada?

I would like if you could clarify some things, for me.

Hypothetically speaking if I were to buy a boat, and put it either on a boat stand, or boat trailer then what are the odds of a boat falling off during the winter season in Canada?

I was considering to buy a tarp, for a boat to protect it during the winter, but this might not be a good solution. I read about what would happen if I were to use a tarp, and I didn't like what I read.

Is there something else I could use to protect a boat besides using shrink wrap, or a tarp?

If I do buy a boat then I am going to want to live on it all year. I already contacted a lot of Marinas, and most of them said no, but I still have another idea as to where I could put a boat, and it won't be at a marina.

I have another idea too about how I could protect a boat during the winter season, and I would have to build something, for it, and I am still looking, for somewhere where I can put a boat.

Anyway if I were to buy a boat then I would like to make sure it won't get damaged, or break, so I would like to know what you think.


The boat I want to buy is around 30ft - 40ft, or it might be bigger! Yes, I would want to cover it. Because if I don't cover it then I might die from the cold.

I can deal with the electricity, and heat, but I am not sure yet about how I would deal with the water.

I am planning on building something, for the boat if I put were to put it on land. It's not a garage that I would build, for the boat, but I think it's sort of like a garage.

Update 2:

I am planning on building something, for the boat if I were to put it on land. It's not a garage that I would build, for the boat, but I think it's sort of like a garage.

Update 3:

I won't be bringing my boat to a marina! I will look, for another place to put a boat.

My best bet is to probably put it on a trailer. I started to look, and I think I found somewhere where I could put a boat, but I still want to keep on looking.

I am positive I can find a boat trailer, but what I don't know yet is WHERE I can put a boat, and marinas are not an option, for me.

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  • fuzzy
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    Dont think you know what you want. (dreaming?) a 40' boat is roughly 4 times the cost of a 30' boat. 

    Neither size is trailerable except on a semi trailer (expensive!) with OD permissions to move it anywhere. A 40' probably needs escorts too - several $1000 each time you move it.

    Are the local waters near you ice bound over winter? Then pullout & storage manditory. Add crane hire to expenses. Fresh or salt water? Either way annual pullout clean & antifoul necessary - couple more $1000.

    Why not a marina? Do you have history there? They usually have the equipment & savvy to look after boats, yes at a cost, diy will almost certainly cost more & have a less satisfactory outcome

  • 1 month ago

    Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal?  Very different climate in each place?

  • CB
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    1 month ago

    A 30-40 ft boat will not go on a trailer - a marina can dry dock it for you. You can have it shrink-wrapped for the winter once dry docked and the engines and water systems have been winterized.

    What are you like 12 years old. You will need running water, some way to pump sewage, 120v maybe even 220v for adequate electrical connections for heat and a 40-50ft long 20ft wide pole barn to handle the snow load. 

  • 1 month ago

    I put my boat on the trailer and strapped it down.  Only a tornado would move it.  Winterized the engine.  Covered it with a boat cover (glorified tarp) and let it set all winter.

    If you are going to live in it all year, I presume that it would be a bigger boat and you would not want to cover it.  Hope you have plans for heat and water for the winter.

         You could store your boat inside a garage, or if it is large enough, in a warehouse.

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