I am 25 and my gf broke up with me a year ago, i don't know why i haven't dated since. do anyone know why?

She really broke my heart, we been together for 6 years?

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  • 4 months ago
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    Been there dudee and it suckkss!! The worst thing you can do is go on her social media/look at old photos/think about her and "what if" all the time - that's why it hurts so much - it's because you aren't trying to move on. I really didn't want to go back on the dating scene - HOWEVER - once I started, you kinda begin seeing new things you like in other women - it's not great at first and it might even make you a little sad at the start - especially as it can be really hard to meet and build up a relationship with someone.

    I think the key is to start at least talking to women/going on dating apps/arranging dates. You won't completely forget about her - you have to learn not to bring past relationship traits into the new one (i.e some people can be distrustful of new relationships as they think the same thing will happen again). The thing is - it's a learning curve that you have been through and you are still young - literally the perfect age to meet someone. 

    Bare in mind studies have shown the ending of a long term relationship is on par with the death of a parent in terms of grief. You can't expect to get over that quickly but the best way to get over it is to get busy/exercise/make yourself feel good and don't rush into anything. Overall though you have to at least start dating again - dates don't have to be a big deal - just go to drinks for a couple hours with someone you met online. When you realise you have other options and build up your confidence in dating again - you'll slowly start to not only let go of your ex but still enjoy the happy memories you had together. 


  • 4 months ago

    Sounds normal to me. I lived with a man I loved dearly for 6 years and when we broke up, I didn't date anyone for a full year afterwards. And then I dated and it was fun but it was four years before I allowed myself to think of another person as a potential life mate.  One of the reasons was that I needed to heal from how I'd treated myself and how I'd allowed myself to be treated. It's okay to be alone. I moved into my own place and cherished being in charge of me and no one else. I think it can be healthy to do so. 

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    More than likely because in you mind no girl that you have met since has measured up to your ex. It happens. It happened to me when I was about your age. I met a lot of really nice girls but I never really took them seriously for exactly the reason that I just gave until I met my wife. .There was about 3 1/2 years in between though.

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