Can you melt jar candles into wax melts?

As above. I have quite a lot of Yankee Candle wick burning candles in jars. I now prefer to use wax melts. I know there are different types of wax (like pillar wax, etc). Is the wax in the jars the type that will work with wax melts? Is it ok to melt these and pour into wax melt moulds? If so, any cure times, etc?

BONUS QUESTION! Can you reuse the wax leftover from wax melts when the scent has gone? Melt and add fragrance oil and remould? If so, any tips or tricks (specific temperature for adding fragrance oil, what percentage of fragrance oil, etc)?

Thanks in advance. 

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  • 1 month ago

    uou break a glass jar?  that sounds stupid...yes you can use candle wax in wax melters..but its not quite as strong because its a different oil...still it should be plenty strong....and if melt the candle wax once it loses a lot of scent so maybe spoon it out instead.  

  • drip
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    1 month ago

    Wax from YC jars. I freeze the jar and break the wax out. And then put the broken wax in a tart warmer. There is no need to melt the wax and reshape it. Just put the broken wax bits in the tart warmer and turn it on to melt. I do it all the time.  

    I wouldn’t use the old tart wax. I think you are just going to get an old oil wax smell, even after adding more scent. It is kind of burned out.

    Now it you are talking about melt cups (Not tarts for a warmer)  for YC Scenterpiece this really doesn’t work. Did it. Took the broken wax from the bottom of a jar and put into a empty melt cup. Didn’t  really get any scent from it. 

    To clarify.  I freeze the jar with  the wax inside. Then you can take a knife point (screwdriver)  and push down on the wax at the bottom of the jar and the wax breaks apart very easy. Then I tip the wax out onto a baggie to use later. 

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