Which stabilizer should I use for my hand embroidery?

I'm currently working on a dress I need for my friend's wedding. I bought a black dress and had planned to hand embroider it (I don't own a machine and would prefer not to use one anyway) with a series of silver stars. Only problem being I hadn't realized how stretchy the dress really was. A small test star proved to me that any work I do on it, no matter how careful, will cause puckering without a stabilizer. 

I have no experience using stabilizer so any info will help. The dress is 100% polyester and lightweight.

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  • Speed
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    1 month ago

    I think your plan isn't going to work.

    If the fabric is a knit, then it probably stretches to fit you, and stretches further while being worn as you move around. The weight of the fabric also causes it to stretch.

    Making small parts of it immobile by using a non-stretch stabilizer behind embroidery will make it hang oddly, possibly even when you're holding still. Most knit dresses stretch a little at the shoulder, the bust, and the hips when you're just standing there. It's part of the fit being just the right amount of close without clinging.

    As an alternative to your embroidered silver stars, consider attaching beads singly. One stitch done vertically will not disrupt the knit's ability to stretch.

    There are lots of star-shaped beads. These, pierced at the top, would work nicely. https://tableclothsfactory.com/products/160-pcs-ac...

  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    whichever one you want to use

  • 1 month ago

    Not to be a debbie downer but I don't think this is going to work.

    If you put an interface on the back, you are going to greatly disrupt the drape of the fabric.

    But you should ask this in sewing instead of personal finance to get ideas from people who might know more about different fabrics.

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