Can anyone attend open paranormal investigation nights or just ghost hunters?

There is a haunted place I wanted to check out for myself that is selling tickets for a paranormal investigation night but am not sure if anyone can attend or just investigators. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Ng, the critical thinker used to ghost hunt? I would personally advise against going with a large crowd. I have never done this but I have seen it on tv. Remember, the people who run this, want you to return. To try to ensure you do, they use a few little tricks like suggestion. They don't let you wander around but keep you all together. They will tell you, "this is the room where the murder took place" Then they will say "Can't you feel the cold in here? This room is freezing" They can make you feel you had a ghostly night and all through suggestion "did you hear that whisper?" There is more of a pub atmosphere than a ghostly one with all those other people acting as if they are waiting for the singer to get on stage. 

    You have to remember unless a residual haunting, these entities are intelligent and won't be performing for a crowd. You are better off to go out with a pal or two. The first time you looked under the bed for monsters as a child, you became a paranormal investigator. It is not a recognised job so you don't need any real training. Buy some gear such as a ghost box and go anywhere, under a disused railway bridge, anywhere. Any plot of land can have a story to it, especially if you live in the UK. Maybe a house stood there in the 16th century and the family may have had a hell of a life with a drunken husband. It seems it is the land, not the house that these entities prefer to occupy. Get out among it and have fun while learning.

    EDIT Ignore NG, he doesn't know his @ss from his elbow as far as paranormal is concerned. If you ignore all you hear, you turn into a denialist. If you believe only half of what you see, a ghost on a horse could be frightening but a ghost on half a horse??? 

  • Dr. NG
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Of course, everyone can go. If you visit a "haunted" place and look for ghosts you have qualified as a paranormal investigator. That's really all it takes, it's not like investigating the paranormal is a job or vocation, it's a hobby. If you maintain your credibility it will be a better time. Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. Be honest with yourself.

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