What song/music video is this?!?

Here it is, straight & the point. There is a song/music video from my childhood that’s in my head but I can’t figure out which one it is!

Year: Probably popular around 2003 to 2007?Artist: Young female solo singer. She has dark hair and it’s medium maybe past her shoulder length. It’s worn down vs in a pony tail. 

Song: Ok, I don’t actually remember any of the lyrics. But it was popular with the young crowd, teenagers. And it was a pop song I think.

Music video: I remember her climbing & jumping over a tall fence and going up an elevator. There is also a scene where there is a group of small children about five years old running past her or dancing around her.

I swear I found this song back in like 2009 but then lost it again because my dumb *** 15 year old self didn’t write it down or save it to my YouTube playlist. Lol. It’s been bugging me ever since!

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