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Why did Arnold Schwarzenegger drink beer after his workouts back in his bodybuilding days?

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  • 1 month ago

    Drinking beer won't interfere with bodybuilding gains as long as you don't overdo it or drink beer right before a competition.

  • Ever heard of any American celebrities who don't drink or do drugs!

  • 1 month ago

    He didn't have the self-flagellation idea that has been cultivated by outsiders since he made working out cool in the past 50 years. God I'm old.

    We as society have come to believe in magic. No better than some witch doctor in some hut in the year 1200 we have 6 figure careers built around the fact people think taking caffeine mixed with some exotic herb or avoiding one of the three macro nutrients while binging on the others all in turn will hllama lamma ligh! Lamma lamma laow! Magic spell them into looking like Arnold. Arnold drank beer, smoked pot, and ate entire pies right before competition because he knew he'd win after seeing the other guys.

    What is the variable at play? He actually lifted weights. A comparable problem to observe is one company offers yoga at lunch to increase productivity by 0.09%. The other is Coke a Cola, which owns 95% of the sales of liquid consumption worldwide. You avoid beer 6 days a week and fish flop with a 3 pound weight for 1 set of 2. Arnold lifted weights. A quote from a the same interview, he turned down a phone call inviting him to his first professional competition because he was lifting weights at the moment. You lower you carb intake and sit on the bench press reading hate spam on Facebook for 3 hours. That's why you suck.

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