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my bleached hair—roots are way lighter than the rest of my hair. HOW TO FIX?

Please don’t try to explain why my roots are lighter—I know the whole chemical reasoning behind it. I used a toner after the bleaching, Wella T11. I thought this would make my hair all the same color. Even though it did change the tone, my roots are still way lighter. I don’t want to bleach my ends and mid shaft again to try to make them match my roots. I’m thinking the only way to solve this is to use blonde hair dye over my bleached and toned hair. Do you think this will work? To make it all the same color? Any other suggestions?

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  • 1 month ago

    I think you should probably go in with a darker shade of dye for your roots, since your hair is bleached, it will pick up the color correctly. Make sure when you do this, you really blend the dye well. It’s going to be almost like your doing the process in reverse. Anyways it’s definitely something that, you can easily fix just pick the correct shade and take your time with the application! 

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