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Question about my cat and temporary accommodation (UK)?

Basically im in a predicament, i live in uk, i have been given a temporary accommodation by Manchester Council UK, its a full house as my wife is pregnant they gave it straight away, but they said no pets allowed, i have a cat which me and my wife have raised since he was 8 weeks old, he is now 8 months old, and our tenancy agreement says we cant have pets, now we current have him here with us but im fearful that one day we will get caught by the landlord and he will make is get rid of the cat, now I never had a cat before but i love him too much and could never let him go, i been looking for any option where i could leave him or anythinf but i dont have any options, if i dont have him he will

Have to go to nee home.

What can i do, i am willing to pay to have him looked after and then take him back once i can have him but i cant find any service like that in UK, what should i do, cos if it comes to it, i will let him go to keep a roof over my mrs and my child head, but its really

Difficult to decide what to do with my cat,

Any help at all would be appreciated, i know its a hard situation and i was never a guy into pets or cats, but since ive had this cat, ive literally fallen in love with him and my wife gets teary thinking about selling him. What should i do?

I dont even know where to ask this question,

I last used this site over ten years ago, but i hope someone can post me in right direction...

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  • Bec
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    1 month ago

    Contact Cats Protection and see if there are any foster homes nearby that you could get in touch with.

    Same for any nearby rescue centre - they will likely have homes they use for fostering.

    Ask around/advertise at your vet for home boarding/foster home

  • Maxi
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    1 month ago

    You will have to look locally for home boarders or contact the local catteries for long term boarding as 'temporary housing' can be used for years before you are offered another place.

    You can contact the Cats Protection League and ask if they have or know anyone who they use as foster homes......... reality is you are not in a position to have or look after a cat and if you have had to rely on public housing it is unlikely you will be for a long time, even if offered perminant housing it may not be pet friendly and this cat is young enough to find another forever home

  • 1 month ago

    There will be catteries in your area.  Another alternative is find a trusted friend who can take in your cat - you pay for all its needs, your cat gets looked after and if it is a friend, then you could visit your cat.  There is a website linked which seems to advertise pets for lending.  I can't vouch for it, but it might be worth a look.

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