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Why am I hungry if I eat?

Today I had some crackers, coffee, and water in the morning. I then had a meal with a chicken leg and thigh, small sides of mac 'n' cheese and coleslaw, 2 small flour tortillas, and a lemonade. Later, I had a full Starbucks drink. For some reason I got hungry again later on this evening. 

So I had a salad with carrots and ranch dressing and a small cheese quesadilla and orange juice. Why am I so hungry? I have this thing where I am hungry but when I eat I feel full halfway through a meal and belch for hours after.

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    Two reasons:

    1. You are eating a lot of carbs.  Carbs promote hunger.  Crackers, Mac 'n cheese, tortillas, lemonade, a Starbucks drink, orange juice, and cole slaw all have lots of carbs and sugar.  All of these food promote hunger by raising the insulin in our body.

    2.  Most people get hungry every few hours.  If you eat at noon, it is normal to feel hunger at 5 PM.  How much you ate early doesn't really seem to play a role in feeling hunger several hours later.

    3. You didn't consume any fat or protein in the morning. Studies show eating something like an egg will decrease hunger throughout the day compared to cereal.  Crackers are like cereal.

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