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Is criticism of your appearance by a friend a sign of envy?

There are two people in my life who frequently criticise my appearance.  One is an older relative (senior) and one is a friend of many years - we are now middle-aged and naturally, grey hairs are a natural process of ageing. I have a personal preference for natural grey and have a very light frame and slim body, keeping very fit through an active lifestyle.  Both women make comments such as 'I believe you would look much better, and younger, with the grey out of your hair' or 'you're not eating properly, look at your hands, they're too thin!  To which I reply 'my recent medical check-ups all went well, I'm in good health according to my doc. I happen to have a light build'.  Regarding hair, I say 'I like grey hair and I have no problem looking my age'. One even says 'long hair in older women makes them look older'. I have long hair but this friend tried to grow hers long but couldn't as her hair is too fine. These two women colour their hair and they would both like to lose a good bit of weight. Does this sound like envy and how should I handle it?

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    Not necessarily.

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    Politely request they stop commenting on your appearance.

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