Comfortable women’s leggings that aren’t too tight and won’t further compress my sciatic nerve?

Can any of you recommend a brand of comfortable leggings that don’t feel super tight? 

Don’t have any pants I can comfortably wear this fall season due to developing piriformis syndrome (when this muscle in your butt compresses your sciatic nerve) last May. 

I haven’t worn jeans in 3 years, I think they’re beyond uncomfortable and I’m never buying them again 🙈. 

The majority of my wardrobe pairs well with leggings, but all the pairs I own are a little too tight and cause further compression and more nerve pain.

I might just have to wear a larger size and some sweatpants until this resolves, but I have noticed that some brands of leggings are much more comfortable than others. 

Any suggestions are appreciated! 

Thank you! 💕

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    what about dress slacks ? I think leggings on women with large butts looks awful .

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