Guinea Pig Habitat Questions?

Hello! I'm housing a guinea pig that typically lives outdoors as the climate here is rather nice mosto f the year. Or so I thought but it's gotten to be a bit cold lately and I loved him inside my rental.

The options are, to have him in an aquarium I use for growing (safe for guinea pig) plants such as oat grass, marigolds, and other things, or, letting him stay outside for the winter with blankets in his wire cage, also filled with oat grass (though not for much longer with the weather looking as it is)

I read that the cold can cause respiratory infection in them, but that aquariums have poor ventilation. I want to know which is the most ideal for him, as he will make a large mess if I use the wire cage and I can't realistically spend my day cleaning off blankets and clothes and the floor with his hay.

This aquarium is slightly damaged and I would have no problem drilling holes into it small and high enough for hay and potting soil not to pass through, but large enough to aid in circulation, or as mentioned, let him stay in the outdoor porch habitat I have with blankets and if recommended trips inside to warm up.

Thank you in advance!!

As a piece of further information, I also have a rabbit too who lives in a closet with vinyl floors. I was debating oving him outside as they're more cold hardy, but I also worry he's more likely to damage the porch too.

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    He needs a proper cage inside. A wire one (with a solid bottom) that is at least 8 square feet. You can make a c&c cage with tall coroplast sides to keep all the hay in. 

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