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Why does my sister think this is crazy?

I told her I was going to visit the grocery store I used to work at and quit years ago to tell my former boss all those times he told me not to take something he said personal I did anyway take it personally to this day and my sister said they don't care are you really that crazy? How is that crazy? And what if my sister wrong about them not caring I took it personally they should care so much.

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    Sweetheart, trust me. It’s not that they don’t care, they simply forgot. Even though you took it personally, people move on with their lives. It’s been YEARS ago at this point, and you should move on too. Imagine walking into your old boss’s office who probably hasn’t seen you all these years JUST to tell him about that? Not only will he probably be dumbfounded and not even remember, but it won’t give you a good look. Your sister is right, she’s just trying to give you a dose of tough love. You should NOT concern yourself over things that happened such a long time ago. You might face much worse hardships in life, grow the skin needed for it. You have it in you. Best of luck! ❤️ 

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    I think your sister is right. Why stir something up from the past. I makes you look mentally unstable that you would hold a grudge and then confront them like this. What do you expect to accomplish by this? It will just make you look strange. Do you want their pity? A boss is a professional relationship, not really a close personal relationship, and so you should drop it and try to move on. 

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    is does seem kind of weird......................

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