Dropshipping very long and paying taxes from shopify earnings?

So I want to get into dropshipping on shopify and I found a few electronic items that I want to sell on my shopify store. I was watching videos from early 2020 and 2019 and the shipping time was alot shorter back then than it is now. The item would take 35 days to reach the customer if i started dropshipping. I would use epacket for the shipping because according to the videos I watched it was supposed to be fast and cheap shipping. Is the much higher shipping time from china due to covid, or is there other factors that play into it, how do I get that sweet under 2 week shipping time for practically nothing? Any USA suppliers that dont charge alot for shipping that I can also make a decent amount of money from?

How do I actually have the manufacturer put my logo on my product? How do I send it to them?

Everything is just so confusing to me I tried watching the free dropshipping videos and they just confused me even more.

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    4 months ago

    Joseph, drop shipping is a great way to transfer your money to a scammer.

    The only people who make money are the product manufacturers and the people who sell websites to drop shippers.

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    4 months ago

    Let us start at the end....Those 'Free Dropshipping Videos' are actually advertising designed to steer you toward certain companies who will them either 'sell you' or 'enroll you' in their specific program that will allow you to drop ship and make extra money.  The video probably started with some guy in a fancy car or some lady outside a fancy store telling you all about their lifestyle.... or something similar.

    Those videos are meant to be confusing.  If they were straight forward then web companies who specialize in selling ecommerce packages to new entrepreneurs would only have 10% of the business they generate from people who actually have the training and backing to make it work.

    You have to contact each manufacturer individually in order to get your logo on products.  In addition, they will not just drop your logo on the product as soon as it is ordered...you have to purchase the products from them and pay them to remove their logo and put yours on and continue to store your labeled products until...and if they are sold.  You are better off just establishing yourself as 'an exclusive dealer' of the name brand product instead of putting your own name on it and creating an 'unknown brand' that people may be afraid to buy.  Example I can buy a Black and Decker coffee maker for $15.00 or I can by a Susie coffee maker for $15.00.   Well ... I never heard of Susie but I have other Black and Decker products so guess which one I buy?

    Yes, Covid and the trade relations with China have made the shipping times three times as long.  Find American manufacturers.  Or Canadian or Mexican.  Just remember ... if it has to go  on a ship....its going to be a long trip.

    Finally - the people who sell you the products that will be drop shipped...they sell those products to everybody.  So if they tell you they have a 'Fitness Tracker' that will cost you $29.00 but retails for $59.00...and you have seen it in the stores for $59.00...You start to think : " If I buy it for $29.00 and I sell it for $49.00 everyone will buy from me and I make $20 on each one!!!"

    What you do NOT think about is that...the website advertises to EVERYBODY.  So once people start looking to that fitness tracker...they are going to see it on some websites for $79.00....most for $59.00...on yours and a few others for $49.00.  But...other drop shippers will sell it for $39.00...$35.00...and even $30.00

    The company you...AND the others buy it from ..they are still selling it at $29.00 to any one who goes to their website.

    THINK:  If YOU found their website...anyone who is at least as smart as you will find the website.  Anyone who is LOOKING for that  product by name...will find that website.

    So...if you are looking for a specific fitness tracker...and you see it at $79.00; $69.00; $59.00;$49.00; $39.00 and $29.00   where will you buy it from?  Will you pay $49.00 when you see you can get the exact same thing for $29.00?

    Ok...now...do you still want to get into dropshipping?

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    Nobody will be putting your logo on THEIR product, especially for free.  They sell their own products. 

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    4 months ago

    You have very little chance of succeeding. Get a job.

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