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Why has politics gotten so divided, is diversity to blame or racism has never gone away?

While Obama was too passive and was giving things away, Trump seems to like to put more fuel in the fire to make the fire bigger for some reason.  Has U.S. politics ever been this bad in the last 40 years after the Vietnam War?

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    Media, politicians. 

    General life: the median income is only half of what it should be. Down $42,000 in those 40 years. It has not kept pace with inflation at all. The rich 1% has had an income increased income of about 750k a year in the same time period while everyone else has suffered. That's at the hand of politicians and their love of big business.

    Social media. Watch documentary Social Dilemma.  

    That fire raging is why Trump is president. People didn't vote for the wild card for no reason. Obama was just another lifelong politician protecting the same things a red politician would protect. 

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    its the racist conservatives fault

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    I blame the media and politicians.

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