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What do I need to do to prepare to run away when I turn 18?

I’m sick of being controlled in my house. My parents refuse to let me have any freedoms besides going to work and doing homework. I almost never see friends any they won’t let me have the actual job I want which is with the army. What type of things do I need to prepare for. I’ll still be in Highschool, and I know I need to figure out phone plans, transportation, food, and housing. Any ideas how to do that? Or any more things I need to be aware of? Like how do I split my bank accounts away from my parents? Thanks guys!

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     Visit an Army recruiter to find the answers to your questions.  It wouldn’t hurt to visit other branches of service to get their pitch.  DON’T SIGN ANYTHING until you’ve made your decision.  There will be no need to run away as at 18 you are free to make your own decisions but should graduate high school first.  Get educated researching the distribution of joint financial assets by talking with the recruiters, bankers and/or someone knowledgeable on the subject.  I joined the Navy at 18years 4 months and was discharged at 22 to begin my civilian career.  It was a wonderful experience and very happy the Navy was part of it.  Good lick.

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