Why Didn't I Get Into UCL? What Can I Do to Succeed?

So I applied to do the Digital Media: Production MA at University College London but Didn't Get In, So I want to know what I need to do to Succeed next Time.

I have a First Class BA (Hons) in Games Design and I've actually taught Digital and Creative Media Production at an FE and HE level at a few educational institutions.

I also have a DDD in BTEC Level 3: Creative Media Production. In terms of GCSEs, I moved here during the final High School year and just passed English and Maths.

I applied for the Course during Early May and got all of My References in around May 20th. I actually got a response from UCL regarding my Application in Late August (20th), despite the fact that I was supposed to get a response by Early August (8th). I didn't get in obviously, but when I enquired, but they didn't really give me a direct answer.

Did I fail because I applied too late? Did I fail because my GCSEs weren't good enough? The minimum requirement for a degree was a 2:1 and I had a 1. Was it Due to COVID?

What should I do when reapplying?

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  • 1 month ago

    You can certainly reapply.  Nobody here can know what went wrong but they should be able to tell you whether it was your academics or something else but just an observation; if you wrote your application the way you wrote this question, they may have decided you were not literate enough.  You might want to learn when to use capital letters.  I'm surprised you passed your English GCSE.

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