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Do you have any sympathy with king Charles 1st of England or King Louis 16th of France, being deposed and executed? ?

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    Yes, Charles I was a very brave man, who fought what would have been a "Point of Law" with his life, and then put too much faith in the one person he believed in, his god. Louis XVI was betrayed as was the last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II, was betrayed first by his cousin, King George V and then by the Bolsheviks.

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    Duhhhh ... we're all 371 years too late to care about Chuck, & 227 years too late to care about Lou.  With great power comes great responsibility.  If either of them was unhappy about what fate would bring them, they had a choice: They COULD have abdicated & asked to be considered as any other citizen.       

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    I can have sympathy for these two men, eventhough I may not agree with their views, the way they did their jobs.

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    Sympathy? Why have sympathy for thieves.

    As all know the throne belongs to King John and John alone.

    While punishment can be harsh its understood no punishment is too harsh for usurpers illegally occuping anothers property.

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    Yes. As I do with Nicholas II and others who have been murdered

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    Charles I claimed Parliament had no authority to try him, so he refused to defend himself.  Technically, he was correct.  Currently, Queen Elizabeth II cannot be sued or arrested.  She could kill someone and no one could do anything because the law comes from her, not the people.  In reality, she would be removed and the monarchy likely abolished.  But legally...

    As for Louis XVI, he agreed to their terms, and only vetoed legislation sent to him because it violated what they themselves agreed to do.  He tried to flee and was caught.  The French should probably have just let him go.  At the same time, I remember a textbook which had his royal portrait, and the caption referred to him as "a blockhead."

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