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I got a iPhone 6 Plus and the Siri feature only works by pressing and holding the button the voice recognition will not work?

I tried every single trouble shooting available it won’t fix it what should I do? And don’t say get a new iPhone 

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    The system and instructions can be different for each version of iOS.

    Your phone should be on iOS 12.4.8

    The Siri setup should be as in this setup sequence:,re...

    If that does not work, probably something in the operating system has got corrupted.

    The cure for that is to backup the phone using itunes then do a "DFU Restore" - that's the equivalent of erasing everything, re-formatting and re-installing the operating system from scratch on a PC, but it's a lot easier on an iphone.

    Instructions here:

    It installs the latest valid iOS version in one go, rather than layers of updates and patches. It will get rid of any accumulated errors or problems, as long as the phone hardware has no faults.

    Once that is done and the phone starts up asking for activation, use the option to set it up by restoring a backup & put your data back in.

    It will take a while for all the apps to reinstall, but hopefully any problems will be fixed.

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