What classes should I take winter semester to balance out my busy schedule ?

I’m a stay at home mother currently take online classes at this moment I’m doing great. 

So recently I signed up for sociology, biology and math 95 I’m just getting a general education degree.

Are these classes a good balance? Each class is 5 credit hours a total of 15 credits. I don’t want to overload myself as online classes are fast paced and require a lot of time and effort. I am open to suggestions and advice. Please, no rude comments remember if “You don't got nothing nice to say don’t say it all.” (Bambi)

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    15 credit hours is a typical course load per semester. Stick with these three. However, note you have NO biology lab (unless there is an on-campus component of your program), and your biology class typically would NOT be equivalent to biology classes on-campus, and NOT acceptable for any future coursework, health- or science-related occupation, etc. 

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