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Why do Narcissists target very pretty women?  ?

I'm looking for real answers. In every single research post or psychologist backed YouTube documentary, they mention the main traits that are like crack for a narcissist.Those traits are being an empath, people pleaser, someone who is normalized to abuse, people who are rescuers/fixers, people who visibly appear to be experiencing hardship or a major shift in life that has them down or desperate,weaker minded folk and anyone who generally has low self worth/esteem.From my own personal experience, I can say I dont fit any of those descriptions except for being a more empathic but you'd never know that right off the bat. I'm often told of how beautiful I am. Of course its flattering to receive such nice compliments from people but I'm definitely not the type to be showy or overly boastful about my physical appearance in a superficial way. I am confident but I focus more so on what's going on in the world and how I feel about life and spiritual concepts. I'm comfortable going places by myself but don't really approach people when I'm out. Somehow anywhere I go, I'm approached by people in general who instantly want to get to know me just from the way I look. The relationships I've had have all been with raging Narcs. The last one was with a guy who instantly approached me before I could even find my seat.He saw me walk in then made an instant beeline almost as if to "claim" me before anyone else could. Why am I a magnet to these types? How do I know if its flirting or flattery?

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  • 1 month ago

    It is flirting.

    They target everyone,not just pretty women.

  • 1 month ago

    Think of them as jerks see if that works.

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