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My boyfriend wont protect me?

I have been with my boyfriend for 10 months and he is extremely narcissistic, but I still love him very much and want our relationship to work. I'm a petite girl while my boyfriend is almost 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs around 180 pounds. He also goes to the gym so he is perfectly capable of protecting me, but he doesn't protect me.

When we go out in public he becomes very agitated, short tempered and rude. He tells me that I'm annoying and pathetic. Sometimes I want to feel protected and safe around him so I try to cuddle up against his arm but he pushes me off and tells me that I am being ridiculous. It's not like I'm about to get kidnapped but I still want to feel his warmth and protection.

With the other guys that I have dated in the past they were protective over me and never had any problem whatsoever with me showing them physical affection. In fact they always seemed to enjoy it very much. I just don't understand why my boyfriend seems to be extremely uncomfortable by it. Does he not love me? I know that he does love me but I think he is struggling with OCD or something else. 

What can I do to improve our relationship? Also in your opinion do you think that he would protect me if someone tried to attack me or something?



No, he doesn't have ''aids". He is just slim built but still muscular.

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    6'3" and 180? Does he have aids?

  • Anonymous
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    Hard to say. I think that if he truly loves and cares about you, he would protect you physically if it came to that. The issue may be that he is plain and simple just not a touchy affectionate person. It does raise issues that he refuses and even shames you for wanting to express touch in public, almost embarrassed. I’m not trying to put any doubt in your mind at all, it just seems odd to be dating someone and be “rude and short tempered” towards them for them trying to be affectionate. I would suggest talking and expressing this issue you have to him and if he denies, deflects, or tries to make YOU feel bad for feeling that way, YOU deserve better. Always put yourself first no matter what. A man should do whatever he can to make YOU the number one priority. Hope this can help in any way!

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