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Without the Electoral College, California & New York would control America. That sounds fair, right?

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    The Electoral College was stipulated by our founders to limit the effect of over-populated states, and to allow the states to elect the president, not just bloated unbalanced masses.

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    Well in my person view, states with the most educated people should have higher electoral votes like Massachusetts, New York, Illinois, California, Virginia. This country would benefit if we could have more secular thinking people in control. 

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    Do you want a democracy or don't you?  The electoral college devalues some votes while inflating others. How is that democracy? In a democracy, we respect the majority decision. We don't spit on the will of the people by tinkering with the numbers to change the outcome. That is not the way things should be in a supposedly democratic nation.

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    1 month ago

    The majority of people should control America, where ever they happen to live. 

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