Do republicans who claim California & NY would control America without the Electoral College not know how presidential election votes work?

The election is suppose to be 1 person 1 vote not 1 person in small state equals 14 votes.  Not to mention Hillary Clinton had 2.8 million more votes in 2016 and  lost due to the electoral college, how is that fair. 


I don't mean to be rude but your ignorance of U.S politics is astounding.

Update 2:

"Mexican Trump voter"

Riiiiight, 'Mexicans are criminals and rapists' - Donald J. Trump

Update 3:

Hey, listen F'k head Barack Obama sent more illegal immigrants back across the boarder so shove that up your clearly pasty white ***.

Update 4:

When your ilk dies, America will finally move to the 21st century. 

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    It is both terribly unfair and fair at the same time.


    It is unfair because it denies the majority the right to proper representation, and creates a situation where the states that supply the most economically are disadvantaged simply because they have more to offer to attract population growth.


    It is fair because some states are simply always going to have a smaller population due to the way land is used.  An agricultural state, for example, is VERY necessary and deserves as much authority as those they feed.

  • If we didn't have the electoral college those two states would control the U.S. federal 

    government and dictate what the others can and can't do. 

    Now I would be in favor of the "popular vote" only if we get rid of the 16th, 17th,19th 

    26th (exception of those in the U.S. armed service) amendment. 


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