What do you think I should about this?

I knew this guy a while back when I was about 20. He was really nice but at the time he didn't have a job, he seemed just immature, and flighty. We went out one time but the next time he asked me if I wanted to see a movie at his house. I thought it was too soon to go over the next date, I thought he was looking for a hookup.

I saw his Facebook recently and it looks like he has grown up. He looks really attractive and he is single it says on his profile. He has a decent job too as a technician of some sort. He does post a lot of quotes about life and kind of sad relationship quotes.The second guy I've been talking to is on a date site. He wants to meet but hasn't really told me anything about himself and he only has a job doing Uber, nothing else. He does it full time I guess.Should I friend the first guy? Friend I used to know from a while back. What should I do about the date site guy?

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  • Alan H
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    1 month ago
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    Your uncertainty suggests you should keep your options open 

  • 1 month ago

    I would go with the known quantity, first. Maybe post something on one of his sad relationship quotes that makes it known you aren't in a relationship either. Send a friend request and even pm him that you aren't opposed to watching a movie with him sometime if he accepts it.

    You haven't exactly promised anything to the Uber driver, nothing more than you might be interested, but you're on a date site so it's not like he should have an expectation of being your exclusive, I don't really see a reason to blow him off just yet,  at least not until things progress with your old friend.

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