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Are there why Antarctic regions far colder than the Arctic regions even though they basically have the similar latitudes?

Antarctic regions: 1) not only high latitude, but also high altitude. 2) far thicker ice to reflects the sunlight 3) landmass regardless of the sea 4) there are the 

Antarctic Circumpolar Current In around 60 S that prevents the heat exchange between south polar regions and the rest of the areas of the Southern Hemisphere 

Arctic regions : 1) high latitude with sea level height only. 2) thinner ice to reflects the sunlights  3) sea regard of the landmass. 4) there are North Atlantic and Pacific warm currents which can travel beyond the arctic circle, which lead the Arctic region to be able to have heat exchange with the rest of the northern hemisphere 

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    I assume that should be: "Are there reasons why Antarctic regions are far.....?"

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