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Can fleas live in hay?

We have guinea pigs and cats.  The guinea pigs are in a room the cats no longer have access to. I keep my cats treated, however with Covid I was unable to get them anything for fleas that worked until recently, but it appears it was to late.  The guinea pigs are a new addition into our home and the room they're in the cats rarely were so I didn't think much of it.  I'm also allergic to the piggies (They're my partners) So I don't go into their room much.  She's checked the Guinea Pigs and said she's pretty sure they don't any, but when I went in there the other day to monitor temperatures there were several on my leg in just 1 minute.  So we're going to treat the entire house (One room at a time so all the animals stay safe). But I want to make sure it's not for nothing, do I need to throw the guinea pigs hay out (I'll buy more before that obviously) could the fleas be "nesting?" in it?  

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    Fleas lay eggs on furniture, floor, on carpets in grass and yes they certainly would be in the hay, once a warm blooded host walks by the eggs hatch and feed off the animal........ so you need to get rid of any hay, clean out the cage correctly treat the guineas  ( and cats) and clean the whole house properly at least 3 times in the next 9 days to ensure you kill all and any fleas and any eggs to break the fleas life cycle.. day 1 eggs hatch, day 2 they feed on host/lay eggs day 3 the adult flea dies and it continually if you do one room at a time, you will never break the cycle

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    If the fleas are all over the house they are also in the hay. Throw it in the freezer to kill them off. 

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    Fleas cannot tolerate stupid-hot temps, or below freezing temps very well. Other than that, the world is their playground, home, and food source and they will live and thrive in/on everything and anything. They will find shade when it's 95 F and a warm host when it's 20 F. They are survivors and will do anything in order to live. If you find a flea or a few, chances are, they are making room and nesting. Clean everything out and get them killed. 

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    Fleas and their eggs could be hiding in the hay just as they do in carpet.

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