Women what do you think about this?

 About a month ago my boyfriends bumper was hit by another car. He was so upset because he had to replace it and that makes him uncomfortable because he feels like the car is not the same anymore. I was with my boyfriend last night. We were in his car and we were making out, and there was a little foreplay etc. When we were finished, he sat quietly on his seat,and looked upset.  I asked him "whats wrong"? he said oh nothing, and then he said ' Im just thinking about my cars bumper. I said " Your'e thinking about that now, after we were just intimate'?. I felt a little awkward and to be honest a little sad. Women, how would you feel?

1 Answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    Same as you.  He's hung up on his car.  It's his penis extension.  I think your b/f is rather immature however old he is in years.  'Things' get broken.  They get mended.  Bits of them get replaced - so of course they aren't bright, shiny and new anymore.  His car is on his mind more than you are......most of the time.....not just after having sex - or even during it.  Time to consider whether he's actually the boyfriend for you.

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