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Is a sewer and a sewage system the same thing?

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    No. A sewer can be one on the street that dumps rain water directly into the river. Sanitary sewers are those like a toilet where sewage pipes take the waste to the sewage treatment plant. And finally there are systems where there is a leach bed in the ground and soil bacteria eat the liquids. A septic tank then collects the solids that need to be emptied by a dukey truck.  

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    Every household has a drainage system in place to help liquid waste be taken out of the home. This waste is called sewage and is drained out through pipes that drain out into an underground structure called sewer that is situated outside the house. In cities and even rural areas, there is a system of underground sewers that are connected to a main sewer that drains the waste of the city. for this we need good pump.

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    A sewer pipe connects to a sewage system.

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    No, but the sewer is part of the sewage system. 

    A sewer is any pipe (or series of pipes) that carries sewage through it.  A sewage system is all the sewer pipes that carry the sewage to its destination.  The destination can be a holding tank, a septic system, a sewer treatment plant, or (in many countries) the nearest river or ocean.

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  • Droopy
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    No sewer runs into a system of drain pipes that go to a treatment plant.  

    Sewage system could be the same depending on who an where you are.  But it could be a tank in yard where waste is collected an the water is distributed threw the yard in a drainage system. 

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    A sewer conveys sewage.

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    A sewer is a piping network that removes wastewater from your home a takes it to a sewage treatment plant.

    A sewage system is a system that treats raw sewage and turns it into something benign.   That could be a city sewage treatment plant that treats sewage for thousands of homes or a septic system on your property that treats only the sewage for your own home. 

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    A sewer is the drain, pipe or culvert that the effluent runs along, a system includes treatment of the waste to recycle the water and breakdown the poo into harmless products that can be used in landfill or as fertilizer.

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    A sewer is one component  of a larger sewerage system

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