It is a warning. I am pure monotheist. Do they (Shias) take this serious or ignore simply?

I really think that G-d won't accept any of their (Shias) good deeds from them because they don't worship G-d alone. Even if I be killed, I Told TRUTH %100... You know truth IF are Honest to yourselves, I don't want to want Shias to believe the way I say, but I hope they know they are not right AND abusing those who WANT To be the way they Think is Right is a big sin and illegal act. Your sin is very great....


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  • Mintee
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    4 weeks ago
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    I didnt quite understand what your question was.... I think Shia folks believe in their faith 100% as much as anyone else believes in theirs.... Christians think all muslims are wrong. Jews think all christians and muslims are wrong.. same with buddists, hindus, etc etc.. everyone thinks they are right and everyone else is wrong... 

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